Don't miss your chance to get
the biggest savings of the
season on Gravely commercial
grade mowers. Get up to 22%
off suggested list prices on
Gravely commercial zero-turn
mowers. Visit us March 16-24.

Gravely is excited to announce the first-ever Gravely
"Mow the Distance" Sales Event, a week-long sales event.

During the event, customers will receive 22% off the list price of purchases made on the following commercial equipment:

- Pro-Turn®
- Pro-Turn 100
- Pro-Turn 200
- Pro-Turn 400
- Pro-Stance®
- Pro-Walk®

(excluding the following SKUs: 98817100, 98817200, 98817300, 98817400) and Pro-QXT Tractor®

(first Pro-QXT attachment included in sale; any additional attachments purchased are not included in the sale).