"URL" versus "Filesystem Location"

A URL points to the location of web content on a network and a filesystem path points to the location of a file or directory on a computer's storage system. There is a portion of a URL that represents a path below the site's document root.

This helper script is for sorting out which is which on a particular server so you can configure a web script with a URL path and a filesystem path that correspond to one another.

URL and filesystem location for path_helper.php

The URL that was used to browse this page is:

The path portion of the URL is:

path_helper.php's location on the filesystem is:

path_helper.php is in this directory:

The corresponding URL for the directory is:

The path portion of the URL for the directory is:

Qdig settings

Qdig settings for a gallery in the same directory would be:

$url_base_path = '/glensdomain.com/';
$fs_base_path  = '/home/lapointe/public_html/glensdomain.com/';


About this script

This script is designed to work on a wide variety of web servers using PHP variables that can change from one server to the next. If the results appear to be inaccurate you are encouraged to provide some feedback so the script can be improved, possibly including a copy of this diagnostic output and whatever you think the correct results should have been.

The script has a page on the Qdig web site.

-Hagan Fox